Health, Wealth and Happiness

The belief that wealth equals happiness creates a barrier to true wealth.  True wealth is achieved by more than just money.  True wealth consists of loving what you do, making time to follow your passions, having a supportive and loving family environment and helping those less fortunate.  Real success is much more substantial than where you live, what car you drive and what you do to make a living.  Success includes the person that you are, what principles govern your life and how you live your life.

Being intelligent and materially successful but devoid of love does not mean that an individual is successful.  Truly successful people respect themselves and others and what they do and achieve in life goes beyond physical satisfaction.  Their attention is focused on the deeper meaning of life, personal growth and development, as well as the attainment of self-knowledge and inner peace.

For us to attain health, wealth and happiness we need to invest in ourselves and to take care of our physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual health.  Caring for ourselves and giving to others creates a true sense of health, wealth and happiness.  In our high paced societies and cultures it is vital that we learn to create a healthy balance between work and play.  To maintain physical health it is important to exercise regularly.  To maintain our emotional and mental health it is vital to do things which make us feel happy.  To maintain good Spiritual health it is important to take some time each day to reconnect with the Spiritual aspect of oneself.

Just as we are encouraged to eat five simple meals a day we should be doing simple daily tasks to encourage well-being and happiness.  These simple activities can help us to feel more fulfilled and lead us to living productive lives.  Taking time to connect with others, to notice our natural surroundings, being physically active and giving to others enables us to maintain a healthy and productive life.

The following tips will help you to feel energised and fulfilled in your daily life –

  • Developing and maintaining relationships with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours enriches your life and brings you support.
  • Doing physical exercise, even just a daily stroll will make you feel good as well as promote fitness and mobility.
  • Taking note of the beauty of your surroundings helps you to gain appreciation and respect for all of life.
  • Being grateful for what you do have will bring you a feeling of acceptance and peace.
  • Helping and supporting others, your family, friends and those around you will bring a feeling of satisfaction.

Happiness is the key to success.  It is essential to your well-being.  Feeling happy reinforces positive emotions, which leads to success in work, good relationships and stronger health.


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